Informis, the Workflow Management System

Informis is sharing information!

Automation of business operations
we cannot imagine life without it in 2022. Business processes must be recorded with increasing accuracy. It is important that we can share information with parties involved in order to optimise business processes. With the INFORMIS software we strive to link all collaborating parties to each other.

Information is exchanged transparently and centralised, so it is not one-way traffic but rather making information mutually available. This makes cooperation easier and processes much more efficiënt.

Online collaboration

With our industry expertise and professional solutions, we help our customers to work more efficiëntly. Our solutions help them to get the maximum profit out of the advantages that digitalisation offers. We help our customers optimise their business processes.

Informis Compliance Management System

Informis CMS helps customers with a complete paperless system to improve the process of becoming compliant and staying staying compliant.
All company obligations and(legal) regulations managed by one central system. At a glance, Informis displays status of each connected site,
providing instant access to all relevant documents and actions required to quickly resolve the issues.
Informis significantly reduces the administrative burden and is up and running in no time.
An alert system shows when environmental and safety requirements are no longer being met. As a result, you can call in the involved suppliers in time to conduct inspections and tests.
Information flows are bundled and immediately recorded. The administrative burden is significantly reduced.

Informis Workflow Management System

Business processes become more and more complex. Informis offers proven solutions to simplify these processes with automized workflows. The software generates automatically inspection forms and link automatic actions to them.
Data is captured simultaneously and does not require post-processing. Whiz-Tec Northern Europe is happy to help companies optimize their business process workflows with INFORMIS.

Our forms have a generic and modular structure.
It is easy to quickly create customised forms. Follow-up questions can be related to answers to previous questions. Based on the answers, forms are automatically sent to the right person, department or group.
Forms can be used on desktop computers or mobile devices.
Input of data can easily be exchanged with other applications (web services).

Informis Business Intelligence

Informis BI gives you fast and reliable data insight. With this dashboard tool, you can.
This dashboard tool provides a quick and easy way to graphically display all the business data you need.

Slice-and-dice functionality allows you to adequately filter information until you reach the core of your information needs.
the core of your information needs has been reached. By zooming in on different levels, very specific information can be extracted from an extensive data set.

The ‘look & feel’ can easily be adjusted to your taste.